Calendula Petals

Most herbs and flowers have a symbolic meaning. Calendula means hopelessness but Rose means love, passion and purity. Perhaps a blend of tea combined with Calendula and Rose petals would mean a tea, which honors those hopelessly in love.

The Calendula plant is also known as the pot marigold and as a flowering herb has always been a garden favorite. It botanical name is Calendula - a name which came from the Romans who observed that in their warm Mediterranean climate the colorful blooms were always present. The name originated because the flower could be seen on the first day of each month - the calends. The marigold is believed to have originated in India and seeds were brought to Europe by the early Persian spice traders.
The petals are dried and infused to make a hot beverage but they have also been used to make a healthy broth, make a salad more visually appealing and surprisingly have also been used in the manufacture of marigold cheese. The special properties of Calendula as suggested in home remedies are as follows: calendula tea can be used for gastritis and a warm gargle has been used to soothe canker sores. The tea has also been recommended for women with painful menstruation or menopausal problems. For a stimulating bath, try adding calendula petals. Some hair stylists use a Calendula infusion as a hair rinse to bring out the highlights in brunette or blond hair.