Cream Earl Grey Pu-erh

In parts of China, aged tea is as prized as 21-year-old whiskey or vintage of Champagne. The most prominent of these captivating teas, is Pu-erh, the legendary fermented tea from Yunnan Province. Processed in a unique way that encourages fermentation after the leaf drying stage, Pu-reh, ages dynamically to produce a character that can be described as earthy and elemental.

In addition to their strong flavours, Pu-erh teas are highly sought after for their many purported health benefits. In particular, thanks to the fermentation process, Pu-erhs are thought to improve gut health and regulate blood sugar - factors that may contribute to weight loss. Pu-erhs are also known for their optimal antioxidant levels, which are being studied for their positive effects on fighting free radicals and toxins within the body.

We've combined one of our most popular flavors, that of cream earl grey, with the rich earthy character of pu-erh. Our Cream Earl Grey Pu-erh is small-batch blended with 100% all natural flavoring to impart a lusciously creamy, delightfully citrusy flavour that melds the deep character of Pu-erh to produce a delicious cup of tea. Brew a pot today and enjoy.