Double Cream Earl Grey Black Tea

Earl Grey is one of the most recognized flavours in the world. This British tea is typically a black tea base that is flavored with bergamot essences. Bergamot is the orange of a small citrus tree grown primarily in Italy. Bergamot oranges taste like a mix between an orange and a lemon with undertones of grapefruit and lime. This flavor paired with black tea dates back to the 1800's and continues to be one of the most popular tea combinations to this day - a true English favourite.

For those who want a double dose of earl grey with extra cream. This Double Cream Earl Grey is richer and smoother than the traditional version. With swirls of vanilla and caramel flavour, this is the perfect tea for breakfast or dessert. A dash of milk opens the cup, enhancing the creamy notes, and creating layers of smooth depth to the tea.

The black tea base was curated specially for this new tea blend. Premium black tea from India was chosen for its smooth flavourful taste and delicate floral undertones. High-grown tea from Sri Lanka was selected for its classic Ceylon character that adds a touch of floral bouquet and brews a bright coppery colour. Black tea from Kenya gives the blend its malty notes - it is also high in antioxidants, which adds a boost of wellness to the cup.

You will not be disappointed by this dairy-free cup of tea. Whether you drink it straight, add milk and sugar, or turn it into a tea latte, this will become a staple in your life.